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Sandra Niitav


  • Instagram - Black Circle


2019 - Vocational Qualification in Business Management, Business College Helsinki

2021 – Jumestuskunstniku baaskursus  Beauty Modul, Make-up Atelier meigikool




2021 – ... M. I. Make-Up Stuudio, jumestaja


2021 - Maria Indermitte individuaalne masterclass "Party look"

2021 - The Biggest International Makeup Conference 2021, The Makeup lovers, 25 Certificates from Online Masterclasses: 

NATALIIA NAIDA Naida “Anatomy of the face: makeup fundamentals & advanced techniques”

JAMES VINCENT “Finding your style, voice and career in makeup industry"

NATANNE ROSA “Signature ''Armored skin'' method”

LAUREN D'AMELIO “High-end bridal makeup mastery”

GLEYCI SASSI “The power of transformation: signature techniques”

SELINA MANIR “PRO secrets of perfect Asian Makeup”

DENIS KARTASHEV “Commercial to creative: secrets to best photoshoot”

CHEREINE WADDELL “Editorial: behind the scenes”

DIANA MORARU “Holographic smokey eye mastery: do's & dont’s”

TATIANA ZOLOTASHKO “Anatomy of the eye makeup: colors, shapes & textures”

CARLA DYSON “Soft glam makeup: know-how to enhance clients natural beauty”

VALERY PIMINOVA “Luxury glam: TOP makeup trends for 2022”

VERO LUNA “Color theory, cool and warm tones, sculpting, blending and, much more” 

KATARZYNA WOJTYCZA “Cat eyes mastery” 

JESSY MALONE “Perfect flawless dewy skin and contour with creams” 

OLESYA SOLYANOVA “Glam makeup: double eyeliner and secrets of glowing skin” 

VICTORIA LAMBERTE “PRO beauty photography: all you need to know” 

ELENA KANEVSKAYA “How to follow trends: style, lines & textures in makeup” 

LORRAINE ANDRADA “Learn how to create the best brows ever” 

DJELLZA ISMA “The Art of contouring, highlighting & bronzing” 

VICTORIA GROSU “Must-know uplifting bridal makeup techniques” 

LETITIA IORGA “Color theory to successfully deal with skin issues” 

RADA JACOBS “The Perfect Pouty Lip” 

YULIYA SALTYKOVA “The Art of Makeup” 

SEMRA SAHIN “Multidimensional makeup techniques” 

MOLLY JACKSON “Colourful cut crease: do's & don'ts”

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